Insurance to protect independent
artists, groups, and arts organizations

Specialized insurance for professional artists protect valuable assets needed in your creative endeavors, including studios, musical instruments, and intellectual property.

The Arts are part of our everyday lives. The Pacific Northwest is fortunate to enjoy the innovative and creative talents of exceptional local artists. From painting to drawing, photography to printmaking, sculpture to ceramics, dance to drama, film to video games, design, crafts, and architectural design, the Northwest Arts culture is dedicated to providing heightened awareness and visibility to many distinct creative enterprises.  Through the arts, we share and shape our history and culture.  Independent artists, and many fine regional arts organizations, underscore the value of the Arts to our economy and our quality of life.

ABI Insurance recognizes the unique insurance needs of this insanely creative group of artists, who are as diverse as the crafts they practice. At ABI, we understand that your company may need liability coverage for your studio or venues, where you teach the next generation, or host an arts opening. For producers, authors and musicians, you may need media liability insurance.  Those of you who practice in the world rather than in the studio may need equipment coverage that follows you, whether that equipment is owned or rented. For digital design and multimedia professionals, you may need technology liability, or errors and omissions coverage. As a professional photographer or dance troupe, you may need travel and accident insurance or props coverage while traveling internationally. And as your creative group grows, your need for workers compensation or cast & crew coverage grows as well. Launching a new release? Perhaps you have investors to protect? Or maybe you’re concerned about licensing, contract reviews, distribution issues, or intellectual property and copyright enforcement? At ABI, rest assured we have you covered.

Like the creative niche of your specialized craft, ABI Insurance is a niche insurance group. We specialize in film, arts, and entertainment industries, including the nonprofits that support them.  Whether you’re an independent painter, photographer or circus performer, or represent a large traveling troupe or video production company, your ABI team will collaborate with you to find the most comprehensive coverage based on your specific needs and budget.

We recognize your dedication to your craft, which beautifully chronicles the journey of our communities and our world. Whatever you create, wherever your storytelling takes you, ABI Insurance can help make your creative vision a reality. Call us today for a creative approach to your insurance needs.

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