Umbrella Insurance for Extra Coverage
on Unique Property and Situations

American Benefits will help you determine whether an umbrella insurance policy is necessary to safeguard your financial future.

Accidents happen — whether in a car or at home — and there is no way of knowing if someone will file a lawsuit as a result. Perhaps you have a swimming pool on your property or you let your kids’ friends play around on the jet-skis at your lake house. What happens if one of them is seriously injured? What if a judge awards the plaintiff millions? It does not matter if you have the money or not, all of your personal assets are potentially at stake and your future wages can be garnished.

Umbrella insurance can also protect against uninsured motorists that cause damage to your car or your health. These policies offer additional auto liability protection anywhere in the world beyond the basic coverage in the United States and Canada.

It can be difficult to know whether an umbrella insurance policy is necessary. At American Benefits Inc., our mission is to offer our clients the most comprehensive insurance coverage that meets both their needs and their budgets. We will sit down with you to pinpoint liability issues and give you expert, unbiased advice on how much insurance coverage you need. We can also help find discounts, especially for those who bundle their home, auto or personal insurance plans through one of our trusted carriers.

Why risk losing your shirt in the event of an unforeseen accident? Call American Benefits today to set up an appointment with a qualified broker who can assess whether or not you need the extra coverage that umbrella insurance provides.

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