Volcanic Eruptions Pose Risks for Assets

Volcanic Eruptions Pose Risks for Assets


It’s no secret that Hawaii is home to volcanoes. The chain of islands in the Pacific Ocean was formed as the result of such geological activities that continue to this very day.

The state’s tropical beauty and year-round warm temperatures make it a draw for tourists from all over the world, despite the inherent risks of such close proximity to active volcanoes and the resulting strong possibility of eruptions. However, those same risks exist for Hawaii’s nearly million and a half permanent residents. They have chosen to invest their lives and their futures there and want to be as safe and secure as possible in the event that lava flows damage their homes, vehicles or businesses.

The Kilauea Volcano eruptions that began earlier this year have had a considerable impact on the area’s tourism industry. Viral videos have provided a glimpse into the extent of the damage created by the earth’s natural processes on the island.

But more importantly, the eruptions have proven devastating for nearby residents and communities. The prospect that further eruptions and related earthquakes will continue into the future. In the meantime, they face the possible uncertainty of losing everything they’ve worked for their entire lives.

Some may be surprised to know that volcanoes are much more common in the western United States than they may have thought. Alaska has nearly 100 volcanoes, while Oregon has 42, Washington has 16 and California has 21.

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