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Risks That Are Unique to the Film Industry

Mar 13, 2019


There’s no doubting the significance of the entertainment industry, which generates billions of dollars and employs people all over the world.

What is less often considered is the amount of risk that goes into producing each film and television show so enjoyed by the public.

Here’s a quick look at some of the major risks associated with the film industry that are unique to it.  

Cast and Crew

It’s no secret that high-profile actors and actresses make significant amounts of money for every movie in which they star. Those huge salaries represent a substantial investment by the production company. Anything that would cause the star of the show to miss shots would incur tremendous costs, a potential loss that must be insured against.

Similarly, anything done on set that could pose any threat the health or long-term careers of those stars would be considered a huge risk.

Performing Stunts

Most major stars obviously don’t do their own stunts. And while they look cool after the editing process and go a long way towards attracting audiences to the theater, elaborate scenes involving stunts carry their own set of risks. They may not command the same salaries as stars, but stuntmen can be subject to injuries related to their activities.


Movies and television shows are sometimes filmed in deliberately rugged terrain. This can make for spectacular shots that would otherwise not be possible. But having the cast and crew in a remote area can be potentially hazardous. Any scene you’ve ever seen involving rushing rapids was likely done on-site and with real people who were in real danger.

Many productions also tend to film in multiple locations, some even at the same time. That means there are entire different casts and crew workings in separate settings, which requires  quite a bit of coordination and attention to detail, if it is to be done right.


Some of the best big-budget blockbusters feature all kinds of explosives. Filming those involves the potential risks of fire breaking out at any given time. As such, studios ensure they always have experts on set to ensure the safety of cast and crew members participating in the production.

Car Chases and Crashes

Entire genres of movies are devoted strictly to car races and thrilling chases. Any consumer of auto insurance is aware of the risks and expenses associated with everyday driving. Can you imagine the same risks, involving cast, crew, stuntmen and vehicles that are often destroyed in the filing of a scene? Because production companies certainly pay close attention to these kinds of things, and are wise to do so.

Fortunately for any movie and television producers, ABI Insurance (ABI) is familiar with the entertainment industry’s unique needs. ABI Insurance offers specialty insurance specifically suited to meet those needs and help professionals mitigate any potential risks associated with the production process. Its staff of highly trained professionals can find the perfect package to provide coverage that industry practitioners rely on for their peace of mind.

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