Most Famous Movies and Shows Filmed in Oregon

Most Famous Movies and Shows Filmed in Oregon


It’s no surprise that Oregon has become an increasingly popular filming location destination for television shows and movies. The state’s natural majestic scenery makes it ideal for outdoor scenes to be shot, and the state and local governments have fully embraced the industry.

While Oregon’s largest city, Portland, figures prominently in most peoples’ minds, other portions of the vast state have also been a backdrop for the entertainment industry over the years.

Here’s a look at some of the most famous movies and shows that have been filed in Oregon:

Rooster Cogburn

Many people may not know that Oregon’s cinematic storytelling legacy goes back decades. Released in 1975, Rooster Cogburn was shot far from Portland. Some scenes were filmed in Deschutes County, in the central part of the state. Others were filmed in Josephine County on Southern Oregon’s majestic Rogue River.

This film stars some of Hollywood’s all-time biggest legends, including John Wayne and Katharine Hepburn.

The Goonies

Astoria is located on the northern Oregon coast, nearly 100 miles west of Portland. It’s the town where the 1985 classic The Goonies was filmed.

The so-called “Goonies House” was a popular tourist attraction, much to the owner’s chagrin. Some of the movie’s best scenes were filmed in Cannon Beach, around half an hour south of Astoria.

Kindergarten Cop

Long before he was governor of California, movie superstar Arnold Schwarzenegger tried his hand at comedy in this 1991 box office smash. Like The Goonies, this movie was also filmed in Astoria. John Jacob Astor Elementary School was featured prominently in this classic flick.


This popular sitcom on the IFC Network ran for eight seasons since its 2011 debut and brought much notoriety to the Rose City. The show was shot on location all throughout the city and even into some of the surrounding communities.

 But however much Portlandia was loved by people outside of Portland, some of its residents took exception to it. They guessed (correctly) that they were being made fun of, and some even try to blame some of the city’s growth-related problems on the exposure from the series bringing people to it in droves.


NBC scored high ratings with this fantasy show after it debuted in 2011. Portland provided the perfect backdrop for the almost surreal scenery commonly shown in Grimm. The show ran for six seasons and its main characters were Portland police detectives.

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