Legislative Update – Emergency Preparedness

Legislative Update – Emergency Preparedness


“The government will not be coming to rescue you”.

In a recently broadcasted public statement from Brian J. Boquist, Oregon State Senator and Chairman for Veterans and Emergency Preparedness, the Senator paints a very compelling picture of the first few weeks after a major disaster.  After recent drills conducted in June of 2106, “management officials were clear that life and death for many Oregonians may well rest upon individual and local non-government community preparation”.


” Whether it is a Cascadia earthquake, tsunami, volcano, pandemic, terrorist attack, or grid overload does not matter.  In almost every single potential event, the power grid is down for weeks if not months.  Besides power outage it means communications is out, your cell phone goes dead the first day, potable water stops flowing, sewage is no longer pumped, there is no power to pump fuel into any vehicles, there are no grocery stores, bridge failures in many events will ‘island’ several million Oregonians for multiple weeks if not months.  Prepare for at least a month”

The article goes on to provide a number of simple and inexpensive tips for preparing for you, your family, and hopefully working with your neighbors and local communities for the first few weeks or months.  The focus is on simple practical matters, for instance:

  • How to stay dry and warm
  • Drinking water
  • Eating food
  • Food and water heating
  • Defecation and sanitation
  • Get away bags
  • Safety and security

For a copy of the full public service broadcast and links to other resources, email Justine Avera at Justine@abipdx.com.