Lease Language – Fire! Fire!

Lease Language – Fire! Fire!


Fire losses are often preventable.  While your first concern is life and safety, the loss of property and loss of income can be hard to recover from.  Take these simple steps to reduce your fire risk.

1.No smoking – The number one cause of fires nationally in habitational units is improperly disposed of smoking materials.  Consider making your building a no-smoking building. If you do allow smoking, make sure the lease states that the tenant must dispose of all smoking materials properly, and consider adding a provision that the tenant is responsible for any loss or damage arising from their smoking activities.

2. BBQ’s are not to be used within 10 feet of buildings or any combustible material. Add to your lease, and send annual reminders.

3. Life/Safety – Specify in writing if the owner or tenant is responsible for installing and maintaining smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, and fire extinguishers in working order.  For associations, make sure fire extinguishers are installed in common areas, and unit owners advised to have their own unit readily available.  Tenants can be made responsible for the cost of replacing missing or frivolously discharged fire extinguishers.

4. Carbon Monoxide Detectors – these are required in most counties now if there is any CO source.  Garages with doors opening directly into the unit, fireplaces, woodstoves, gas appliances, and fuel-based heating systems all trigger the requirement.

5. Fireplaces & Woodstoves – Chimneys should be swept and flues cleaned annually.

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