Keeping Covered for Catastrophic Fires

Keeping Covered for Catastrophic Fires


Unfortunately, catastrophic wildfires seem to have become the new norm in recent years, especially in the western United States. These disastrous events pose clear risks and threats to property and businesses, with the potential for huge losses.

However, there are steps that homeowners and entrepreneurs can take to ensure that their assets are still covered in any worse case scenario.

There were over 100 wildfires burning throughout the U.S. as of Sunday, August 12. That figure is comparable to that of 2017, when eight million acres went up in flames.

This year’s fires have hit in a variety of diverse geographic locations. The Holy Fire raging in Cleveland National Forest in Southern California has scorched over 22,000 acres and 12 structures. It prompted evacuation orders in the city of Lake Elsinore, as residents and firefighters scrambled to cope with the devastation.

The city of Redding, California has been hit hard by the Carr Fire, with over 1,000 homes destroyed and eight deaths. Located off of Interstate 5, Redding is home to more than 90,000 residents. Unlike many fires that take place in less densely populated areas and public lands, the Carr Fire made its way inside city limits, causing entire residential subdivisions to be engulfed in flames.

Wildfire damage hasn’t just been limited to California, although it has been extensive there. Just north of that state’s border with Oregon, the Taylor Creek Fire burned over 20,000 acres as of the end of July. Hazardous smoke from the fire has prompted the closure of many recreational facilities in the Grants Pass area, causing tourism-dependent businesses to scale back their operations during what is typically their busiest season of the year.

Elsewhere in Oregon, a fire east of Sisters in the central part of the state prompted evacuations and burned three homes.

Such scenarios can quickly turn into nightmares for homeowners. Owning your own home is considered a cornerstone of the American Dream. Many people who purchase their homes think of it a long-term financial investment in their families and communities. As such, the thought of potentially losing all the equity you’ve put into your home can be quite terrifying.

If homeownership is considered a cornerstone of the American Dream, entrepreneurship is another. Business owners subject themselves to tremendous financial and legal risk and liability in the pursuit of the eventual independence that comes with growing a successful enterprise. Unforeseen events like wildfires can easily cause anxiety and unease for people hoping to be self-employed and create job opportunities for others.

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