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Disaster Planning - Earthquakes and Tsunamis

Jul 07, 2015

We have been hearing a lot about Earthquake and Tsunami preparedness in the news lately. So what can you do to be ready in the event of a disaster? Resources like Living On Shaky Ground offer easy step by step guides.

For some, preparing a disaster kit seems the biggest hurdle. Instead of trying to buy things all at once, try picking up one item per paycheck. Deciding where to put your emergency stores is important – pick a place that is easy to get to, store items on the ground level in reinforced areas (garages and closets can be good choices), and protect from weather and vermin. Secure waterproof bags or containers are critical.

Don’t forget special needs items such as medications, or supplies for infants or for elderly and disabled persons. Include copies of important documents such as identification, deeds, insurance policies and financial records in their own secure waterproof container. Having a good inventory record of your belongings will help when you contact your insurance provider.

Know where to meet up if you become separated. Many cities have established Red Cross emergency sites throughout the community and provide maps of those nearest your home, school, or workplace. Have an out of area contact to call to update on status and leave messages. Plan, stay calm, and follow through! With each step, you will be better able to protect yourself and your loved ones, and recover more quickly. We at American Benefits Inc. have additional resources, call us today to discuss available coverages and planning for disasters!shutterstock_280418828.jpg

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