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The Claims Process

Jul 07, 2015


Damage to a unit is never ideal however knowing what to do in the event of a claim can make a difference with how smooth a claim can go. Below are some actions that can be taken to prevent future damage and making the correct notifications:

  1. Immediately contact the association’s property manager and/or board members to notify them of the claim. They may indicate further remedy.
  2. Contact the homeowner’s policies agent and/or file a claim under the policy.
  3. Contact a restoration company to help mitigate future damage. The property management company may be able to assist with this.
  4. The property manager and/or board members should reach out to the association’s insurance agent for further discussion and guidance.
  5. Take pictures and document the damaged areas. Having information such as claim numbers and contact information.

Following these simple steps can reduce the amount of stress in the event of a claims situation. Make sure to have contact information conveniently located for quicker responses.

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