Avoiding the Most Common OSHA Violations

Avoiding the Most Common OSHA Violations

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The federal Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) is charged with ensuring workplace safety. Every year, OSHA cites thousands of businesses throughout the United States for violations that could jeopardize the well-being of their workers.


Many of these violations can be easily avoided. Since they are often accompanied by fines, good management practices that minimize them can save an organization money that would otherwise undermine its profitability.


Here’s a look at some of the most frequent violations and the steps you can take to prevent them from being issues in your workplace.


Faulty Electrical Wiring

Most workplaces have electricity. It’s a modern convenience, but also provides any number of potential hazards. If a workplace isn’t properly wired, the building has a much higher fire risk. This is especially the case if there are any chemicals and other combustible materials stored inside.

As such, OSHA takes these kinds of violations very seriously. Any inspector will pay very close attention to electric issues. It’s worth having them checked out fairly regularly to avoid them.



Employees need to know to keep a look out for fall hazards and be proactive about mitigating them in advance as a matter of procedure. Job sites that have these risks do have tools to address them. Simple fixes like the addition of a guardrail can go a long way towards keeping workers from being hurt.

Many job sites use ladders. They are a common cause of workplace injury because they simply aren’t used properly. Though it may seem unnecessary, training employees on their proper use and documenting it can be key in reducing liabilities and risk to the organization.


Heavy Machinery

Moving parts can cause tremendous harm to employees, especially if they lack the proper training or equipment. There’s a wide range of injuries that can occur. Heavy machinery also has the potential to damage other assets.

Make sure employees are trained to shut machinery down when it’s not being used. There should also be clear protocol for starting the machinery up the right way so they are no accidents.



OSHA has standards for scaffolding equipment, and for good reason. They must be strictly enforced by management. Any scaffolding used by an organization must be set up properly and be structurally sound.


Exposure to Chemicals

Sprays can cause breathing problems, both short and long term. Respirators are a must-have for organizations to provide to employees who handle these kinds of chemicals.


Employees need to know what chemicals they’re using and being exposed to. Many employers don’t document this well and are cited as a result.


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