Artscape – A Pacific NW Success Story

Artscape – A Pacific NW Success Story


The Pacific Northwest Arts culture is an artistic melting pot, blending history and tradition, organic flair with creative chutzpah, cosmopolitan grit with cultural diversity. All around our region you can see and experience a unique blend of Native American, Latino, Asian, European and African influences. At every turn, you will see a celebration of diverse cultures and histories.  Testaments to our region’s Native American heritage are put forward in the present with artists producing bold new works showcasing native styles, spiritual beliefs and ceremonies.


Artist and visitors alike explore the cosmopolitan culture and natural beauty that the Pacific Northwest offers. It can be experienced everywhere, from our majestic mountains and forests, maritime scenery and golden fields, to our industrial steel cities and high-tech digital landscapes.  The Pacific NW Artscape is an odd but satisfying blend of traditional and contemporary, modern pop-culture and neo-classicism, all appealing to a wide range of artistic palettes.

The Pacific NW is where creative souls meet. Artists, painters, sculptors, musicians, performers, writers, poets, photographers, film makers, actors, producers, and directors alike contribute, teach and collaborate. This embodies our philosophical and spiritual beliefs, ensuring the very essence of who and what the Pacific Northwest stands for. Artists have the freedom to explore and express their views, values, beliefs and culture with support from the community.

Our region takes pride in housing many influential artists. Talented musicians such as Kenny G, Nirvana, Heart, Obo Addy and the Lifesavas all hailed from the Northwest at various points in their lives and careers. Creative artists such as Guy Anderson, Rick Bartow, Morris Graves, Henk Pander, Mark Tobey, and Minor White have made their mark in the NW as well. Renowned actors including Bing Crosby, Johnny Depp and Clark Gable all have their roots here.  Ground breaking filmmakers like Will Vinton, Gus Van Zant, and David Fincher have made their homes here. Famous authors like Ursula K. Le Guin and Neil Stephenson have redefined entire genres, and beloved children’s book author Beverly Cleary is currently celebrating her 100th birthday.  Noah Mickens and a burgeoning circus arts scene steal headlines under the big top.  Belly-dance and ballet coincide comfortably with hip hop. And you can’t forget the strong comic book and underground publishing industry, led by Dark Horse whose founder Mike Richardson started the Comic Book Defense Fund, the Pander Brothers, and the always thought-provoking Gary Larson and Matt Groening!

Insuring this creative diversity is no easy task, but we are up to the challenge.  Whatever you create, wherever your storytelling takes you, the team at ABI can help make your creative vision a reality. Give us a call for a creative approach to your insurance needs!