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All Together Now – Workers Compensation, your cast, your crew, your industry.

Jan 03, 2017


Mic and crowd

Question: We know you’re the creative type, living on the edge, right? Yep, we thought so!

But did you know, if you make the wrong choice when it comes to workers compensation, not only could you jeopardize your own livelihood and reputation, your actions could broadly impact others in your industry?

Here are some important trends you need to know: 

  • Only a few select insurance companies will write workers compensation for film production.
  • Short-term policies are simply not available.
  • Underwriters may require producers to agree in writing to a full year policy. As more producers try to cancel early, Oregon risks losing the few remaining insurance companies willing to offer coverage. 
  • If you repeatedly cancel early, many insurance companies will automatically decline you in the future.  Remember, they can track ownership information.
  • If a voluntary market declines you, your only remaining option may the Assigned Risk Pool, which can more than double rates and increase minimum premiums.
  • You will not be charged more than your fair share, whether you had 3 days on set, or 9 months for payroll.  The year-end audit looks at your actual payroll, and adjusts premiums up or down, subject to a policy minimum premium.

Let your creative genius help channel that inner business guru! Avoid costly mistakes, and stay in compliance with the law.  If you have 1099 Contractors or SAG-AFTRA contracts, we can also do Cast & Crew Coverage. Call ABI today!

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