Easing The Pain of Malpractice Claims
for Medical Professionals and Associations

Helping any individual or medical group find medical insurance with a variety of options and unbiased nonjudgmental advice.

All medical professionals and medical associations need medical liability insurance to operate a practice. It is not enough to assume an employer’s umbrella policy will offer full protection in the event of a claim.

American Benefits Inc. can help any individual or medical group find medical industry insurance. We offer three of the four standard malpractice insurance plans, including:

  • The Doctor’s Company, the oldest doctor-owned medical malpractice insurance company offering policies that travel with doctors from state to state.
  • Medical Protective (MedPro), a publicly traded company that also offers plan portability
  • Capson Physicians Insurance, which offers a simple application process, competitive rates, less premiums and quick resolution of claims in 25 states

Some physicians are considered high-risk and need a different policy, whether claims have been made against them or they practice a form of non-FDA approved medicine. They need a different medical liability plan, and American Benefits Inc. has access to more than a dozen of these “MedMal” options.

Receiving a malpractice claim can be traumatic for a doctor, especially one that is negligible. It can deter some doctors from practicing medicine again. We know how painful the process can be, and our medical professional liability experts specialize in helping our customers get back on their feet. We have a strong record of bringing clients back into the standard category from the high-risk one.

Being in business for more than 35 years, ABI has the experience to offer doctors the best malpractice insurance options and guarantee unbiased, nonjudgmental, solid advice. As always, our malpractice insurance brokers promise to find the broadest possible coverage for the lowest premium costs.

We also know how busy doctors can be. They spend their days filling out medical reports. They do not need to be bogged down with insurance paperwork, too. ABI offers MyLastApp™, an application that acts as a living document to populate all insurance paperwork. It only needs to be filled out once and updated annually.

Call us today to schedule an appointment with an insurance broker to find out how to minimize the costs of protecting yourself against medical malpractice claims.

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