Meet the team of ABI professionals
providing superior insurance products and service.

For more than 35 years, our qualified professionals have been providing superior insurance products and services to businesses and families in the Northwest. With unparalleled customer service, our mission is to provide the very best insurance value to our clients.

James J

James J Hisatomi


Focusing primarily on life insurance, he has over 16 years in a majority of insurance product lines.

John A

John A. Hisatomi

Board Director / Consultant

Insurance agent with over 10 years of experience in insurance business.

Larry Klobertanz

Larry Klobertanz

Financial Planning

Insurance agent with over 5 years of experience in insurance business.

Vern Newcomb

Vern Newcomb

Director, Habitational Division

One of the most reputable condominium agents with over 27 years of experience.

Bob Liddle

Bob Liddle

Commercial/Group Benefits Account Executive

With ABI over 20 years. Specializing in commercial and group benefits insurance.

Arthur G Richards

Arthur G. Richards, ARM

Director, Professional Liability Division

Over 33 years experience working with medical practices and physicians.

Colleen Corso

Colleen Corso

Group Benefits Producer

Works with companies providing the most economical and comprehensive health package at ABI since 2009.

Ramon Childers

Ramona Childers

Personal Lines Specialist

Has a real estate background and joined the insurance industry in 2010.

Sara Eanni

Sara Eanni

Senior Account Manager

Working with condominium associations since 2009 and over 10 years industry experience.

Debbie Freadman

Debbie Lind

Commercial Account Manager

Specializing in commercial lines support.

Justine Avera

Justine Avera

Commercial Lines Producer

Has over 21 years experience as a commercial producer and risk management consultant.